Star Hub * ADC Protocol * Direct Connect networks * Pure Java cross-platform software

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What is it?

    StarHub is a new hubsoftware for Direct Connect Networks. It uses the ADC protocol created by Jacek Sieka and the DC DEV. ADC is the future of DC network and information about it can be found on

    The official ADC wiki can be found on

    Also, the is a nice place for adc users and developers.

    Note that since ADC is released with 1.0 and most ADC clients are 0.10 or 0.12 compatible, and StarHub is being ADC compatible starting from this version (1.0), older clients canít use passwords and will get some other odd behavior as well (keys missing and etc). Clients which are not supporting TIGR cannot connect to this hub.

    StarHub is written on pure JAVA language. Information about JAVA you can find on . That means that this software is multi platform. You must install a JRE (Java Runtime Environment) on your system (this one is system dependant and you can pick it from ) and you can run any Java program, so you can run StarHub too.

    You should install the latest JRE build. StarHub will work on version 1.4.2 or later.

    If you are thinking JAVA is slow, this hub will show you that you are wrong. :) Theoretical limit of simultaneously connected client, as thought, is above 100,000 without serious CPU overheat. JAVA 1.6 has done big jump forward. And it's recommended to use version 1.6.10 or later.

    If you've found a bug, please use backfeed for report. The author will be very grateful for help.

    StarHub is absolutely free and with no charge for everyone.


    StarHub supports the TIGR extension for Tiger Tree Hashes, the PING extension for pingers and the UCMD extension for user menues relization.


You can download StarHub now (452 kb.).

Version 0.61 (23.05.2010)

Star Hub * ADC Protocol * Direct Connect networks * Pure Java cross-platform software